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Sema Official Trailer is out which looks like usual commercial film.Check out below.
Sema is an upcoming Tamil comedy film directed by Vallikanth and produced by Pandiraj. It features G. V. Prakash Kumar and Arthana Binu in the lead roles.

Most of the G V Prakash movies have a lot of “double meaning” and Pandiraj movie have the cliche of the same stereotype, where the hero will be in love with a girl whether the hero accomplishes his in love and life are the story.

G V Prakash has improved his dance movements and hard work is visible in the plans but, unfortunately, they are not yet enough to become a notable actor in Tamil cinema. As an actor working in different kinds of role to show his talent is very important. Arthana Binu looks like a little old in her recent click. Hope this movie will entertain the audience.

Cast and Crew :

Cast : G.V. Prakash Kumar, Arthana Binu
Direction : Vallikanth
Written : Vallikanth
Music : G.V.Prakash

Check out the Trailer here:

Sema – Official Trailer